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Michelle & Matt Talk Training

Michelle Magnan

When I met Matt Jordan, a sports physiologist and strength and conditioning coach, on a recent sunny afternoon in Calgary to chat about the training of elite athletes, I was not at peak condition myself. Earlier that week, I’d tweaked my lower back while doing kettlebell swings at the gym. I hadn’t attempted any workouts or running since.

This injury-induced rest was not, as Matt would say, “purposeful rest.”

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How Elite Athletes Lose and Maintain Weight for Peak Performance

Photo Credit: Dr. Rob Ziltzer

Losing weight while competing at a high level can present some special challenges. ATLX speaks with Dr. Rob Ziltzer of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center in Arizona, who seems to have mastered the craft of getting professional athletes on track to reach their weight goals. Read More »

SportsLab NYC: Professional Athletes Put Their Injuries in the Capable Hands of Dr. Keith Pyne

Photo Credit: SportsLab-NYC

ATLX focuses its Spotlight Profile on Dr. Keith Pyne and SportsLab-NYC, where Dr. Keith Pyne has treated more than 1,100 elite athletes across a variety of professional sports, drawing on his revolutionary program of diagnostics and tailored rehab treatment.
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In the Training Room With Robert Dos Remedios

It's what every athlete reads as they leave the training room at College of the Canyons, and Coach Robert Dos Remedios makes sure it's the truth: "You Got Better." Coach Dos talks building body capacity, mental toughness, coaching up athletes by sport and position, and doing work.
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Training the Military Elite

Photo Credit: Robb Rogers

He's trained Olympians and elite college athletes, but these days he's coaching a different kind of competitor. Coach Robb Rogers draws upon his 30+ years experience to share his knowledge of training elite athletes, including the inspirational stories of the elite athletes that make up the military's Special Forces.
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Stanley Cup Champs Train Off the Ice

Chad Moreau is a trainer, doctor and the owner of, a website where hockey players can obtain their own unique tailored training routines. Moreau discusses his work with professional and amateur hockey athletes from his methods, training philosophies, injury prevention and unique training programs.
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Dr. John Ivy Says Timing is Everything

Get an in-depth perspective on the relationship between nutrient timing and athletic performance from Dr. John Ivy, a world-renowned author, researcher, professor, and head of the department of Kinesiology & Health Education at the University of Texas. Dr. Ivy explains why it pays for athletes to be nutritionally punctual.
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Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden: 30 Years of Earning His Nickname

Photo Credit: University of Texas

We've all noticed him scouring the sidelines as the strength & conditioning coach at the University of Texas. So ATLX brought him in to discuss the training of elite athletes from football to baseball to track & field. Listen up, because throughout his illustrious career, Coach Madden has seen it all.
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Teena Murray: How She Made It Big in a Profession Dominated by Men

The story of a girl from a tiny Canadian hockey town who became one of the most respected coaches in the world of strength & conditioning. ATLX expert Master Coach Teena Murray writes a spotlight blog about her journey to the top of the game - training elite athletes at the University of Louisville.
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ATLX 1 on 1: Proactive Sports Performance and Ryan Capretta

Photo Credit: Proactive Sports Performance

Capretta talks about his experience training the top-performing professional, collegiate and high school athletes and what we can learn as everyday athletes from one of most respected elite coaches in the country. Read More »

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