DO WORK! With Coach Dos: Round 2

“DO WORK! With Coach Dos” brings you the most recent Q&A interaction between athletes and ATLX Expert Coach Robert Dos Remedios. Here, you’ll find Dos’s expert opinion on questions that you’ve probably asked yourself as an athlete, but didn’t quite know the answer to.

What is your favorite TRX exercise?

Dos: Way too many to pick one… I’d probably go with the Extreme Grappler Core Move.

How do you train balance with your athletes?

Dos: We do a lot of “stick landings” from jumps and hops. Building this deceleration strength is key for performance and injury prevention.

Is there a known ideal weight/BMI for explosiveness?

Dos: Not that I know of. I will say though that if you are overfat (not overweight according to BMI) your explosiveness and speed will obviously suffer.

If you could only purchase one piece of equipment for a gym, what would it be? (other than TRX suspension trainer)

Dos: Hmmm… I don’t have much ‘equipment’ per se. As far as tools go, I would go with an Ultimate Sandbag Training bag or kettlebells.

What is your ideal training program if I’m aiming for hypertrophy? Load/rep range/frequency/volume/TUT?

Dos: 8-10 reps with near max loads (for that rep range), less than 60 seconds of rest between sets, 2-3 times per week. Focus on approximately 2 second reps (1 up – 1 down).

What is your favorite plyo exercise, upper body and lower body?

Dos: I LOVE all sorts of plyo pushups for upper body. I like loaded countermovement jumps for lower body. Not so much reactive as pure power.

Do you use the “landmine” for training?

Dos: YES! We use land mines all the time in our training. Mostly core stuff and lumberjack squats.


Check back next week for the next installment of DO WORK! With Coach Dos.

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