DO WORK! With Coach Dos: Round 5

“DO WORK! With Coach Dos” brings you the most recent Q&A interaction between athletes and ATLX Expert Coach Robert Dos Remedios. Here, you’ll find Dos’s expert opinion on questions that you’ve probably asked yourself as an athlete, but didn’t quite know the answer to.

What’s your favorite exercise for rotational/grappling, throwing type power?

Dos: TRX extreme grappler:

What’s your take on linemen running gassers vs sprints?

Dos: They should run both. They should be running longer intervals (20+ seconds), medium intervals (10-15 seconds) and short intervals (

What is the best periodization after a year of lifting?

Dos: I use an alternating-linear style that cycles from higher to lower volumes every 3 weeks year-round.

What are your favorite band workouts?

Dos: I love all of Dave Schmitz’s stuff… his ‘belt band’ squat set-up is amazing:

How significant is the link between muscular endurance and hypertrophy?

Dos: Significant in that you need to have the ability to push volume over and over with short rest periods.

What is best exercises to help prevent upper back (rounding over) when front squatting heavy/for reps and fatigue sets in?

Dos: TOUGH one! All you can really do is reinforce your form by thinking of retracting your shoulder blades throughout the move. This will force a more vertical torso.

When do you implement plyos/foot work in the off season? Or do you wait until the season gets closer?

Dos: We do it year-round. Lots of chaos sport-speed, loaded power drills, strongman etc. in the off-season. Lots more conditioning, speed, reactives during pre-season.

What’s a good bodyweight anti rotational exercise?

Dos: TRX pallof press and soup stir:

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