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Downton Abbey Star Ed Speleers to Run London Marathon for Charity

Downton Abbey star Ed Speleers will be running the London Marathon for the second time. ATLX spoke exclusively with Speleers about his training, diet and the charity he's running for, Pets As Therapy. Read More »

Sports Medicine Pioneers: The Kerlan-Jobe Clinic

The Kerlan-Jobe Clinic has become synonymous with Sports Medicine. From pioneering the Tommy John surgery to treating the top athletes in the world. Kerlan-Jobe invented the field of Sports Medicine and continues to reinvent it every day. Read More »

DO WORK! With Coach Dos, Round 4

Our fourth installment of "DO WORK!" with Coach Dos, ATLX's weekly series featuring ATLX Expert Robert Dos Remedios. Follow along as the Master Strength & Conditioning Coach brings a wealth of knowledge to ATLX's Coach's Corner in these quick Q&A sessions. Read More »

Kobe goes down with suspected achilles tear

Kobe Bryant left during the 4th quarter of Friday night's game against the Golden State Warriors with only 42 seconds left. Read More »

Boston Marathoner Overcame Incredible Obstacles to Conquer Heartbreak Hill

Beantown celebrates 117 years of the world's oldest annual marathon on Monday. Competitor Cory Harris will celebrate three and a half years of defying the odds as he crosses the finish line in Boston. Read More »

How ‘42’ Actor Chadwick Boseman Trained to Play Like Jackie Robinson

Chad Boseman took on the role of a lifetime to play the iconic Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. Read more to find out how Boseman trained like a real baseball player to accurately portray this legend. Read More »

Reebok Celebrates Everyday Athletes in Latest Campaign

Reebok launched its newest campaign based on everyday athletes and athletic lifestyles. The global brand released a press release to outline the drive behind the campaign. Read More »

Running a Marathon at the Top of the World

While many runners are prepping for the Boston Marathon on April 15, there’s another marathon taking place this Tuesday north of Beantown for which some brave athletes are gearing up for. Read More »

Why Does Your Lower Back Hurt?

Lower back pain is virtually unavoidable for most athletes at one point or another. Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA explains why the training you're probably doing to remedy the pain won't actually help at all - but he provides a better solution. Read More »

Upper Body Injuries Start From the Ground

Injuries can be especially tricky for athletes when the underlying cause goes unidentified. Believe it or not, often the cause and effect exist at several seemingly unrelated areas of the human body. Read More »

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