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Strength Training: It’s Do or Die!

7 out of every 10 Americans must not understand the importance of strength and resistance training - that, or they're allergic to it. Our experts say it's time to get up, get after it, and get lifting. NOW! No excuses!
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Building a Better Body: The Medicine Ball

Obtain greater athletic performance and take your body to the next level with one of the most underrated tools of the trade. This small piece of equipment has really big benefits. Read More »

The Special Olympics Touches the Heart Through Competitive Spirit

Sports creates a wide range of emotions; usually the thrills of victory or the agony of defeat. But at the Special Olympics, all of the 1,100+ athletes were stars, and they were all winners. Read More »

Keeping the Drive Alive: Tips and Tricks from an Everyday Athlete

ATLX pulsed one of the most dedicated and impassioned everyday athletes out there to uncover her secrets to staying motivated. Katie Huntley serves up her top five tips and tricks - and an awesome bonus booster. Read More »

Special Olympic Volunteers: The Ramirez Family

The Special Olympics of Southern California is holding their Annual Summer games in Long Beach, CA June 8-9. Find out what it means to coach these incredible athletes. Read More »

Special Olympics Star: Jenna Ramirez

The Special Olympics of Southern California will be hosting their annual Summer Games June 8th and 9th in Long Beach, CA. Read more to find out about one star, who would be favored to win gold in swimming had it not been for a recent ankle injury. Read More »

Origins: The Tale of the Marathon

The marathon is the ultimate test of endurance for running athletes. The origin story has withstood the ultimate test - the test of time. And, steeped in historical legend, it has endured as well. Understandably so - it's a good one. Read More »

Special Olympics: Game of the Century

The Special Olympics of Southern California will be hosting it's summer games for over 1100 Special Olympic Athletes. Read on to learn more about the organization, the summer games and the upcoming world games. Read More »

Everyday Athlete Spotlight: A great excuse to tour the world

Picking up running after her collegiate tennis career ended has not only kept Angela Beeler healthy, she gets to go on 26.2 mile tours of some of the most iconic and scenic sights in the world. Read More »

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