ATLX: When to Worry

ATLX: When to Worry

What’s the difference between everyday aches and pains and something more serious? It’s all about knowing your body and understanding what signs to look for.


When to Worry: Shoulder Popping

Shoulder pops, clicks or snaps? Find out when you should worry and when it’s just harmless noise. Read More…


When to Worry: Knee Noise

Many people experience some sort of ‘knee noise’ throughout their lifetime, but how do you know if it’s something you should worry about and when it’s just your body making noise? ATLX weighed in with expert Dr. Keith Pyne to find out. Read More…

shutterstock_171818798Lower Back Pain: Overuse or Time to Worry?

Nearly everyone has experienced some degree of lower-back pain at some point. Usually it’s nothing to worry about, but there are some symptoms that could indicate a more serious problem.

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