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Cycling: Hit Faster Speeds for Greater Results

Distance training is great for health benefits, but mixing in sprint training can lead to better results and better fitness levels. Read More »

Dodgeball Unites Everyday Athletes

Dodgeball isn't just for PE or Hollywood anymore. The game is sweeping the nation and turning into a pretty competitive sport. Read More »

Choosing the Best Diet for Your Body

August 21,2013 - The reason most people have trouble losing weight is because they don't eat for their body type. Our bodies are so different...there is no one-size-fits-all program. Master trainer Jesse Gaynor tells us how to figure out our body type and our ideal diet for that type.
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Rock Out, While Working Out

Pound-Rockout, created by the Pound Girls as a way to motivate themselves and others to work out, continues to grow in popularity. If you rock out while you work out, you may even forget you’re doing the latter. Read More »

Learn Parkour in the Safety of a Gym

August 19, 2013 - Parkour has been a sensation on social media video websites. People are mesmerized by the movements, but most people would never think to try them. That is all changing with indoor parkour gyms.
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Hit the Hills for a More Intense Running Workout

Hill training increases the heart rate, burns more calories, and builds more leg strength than running on a flat surface. Read More »

The Resurrection of Roller Derby

Roller derby is making a comeback in modern rec leagues all over, forging bonds in athleticism, sisterhood and badassery. Read More »

Why Do You Race?

I Race For Cause (IR4C) is helping everyday athletes to answer that question. Read More »

Gretchen Reynolds: Dispelling fitness myths in ‘The First 20 Minutes’

Gretchen Reynolds, Exercise Science Columnist and author of 'The First 20 Minutes' spoke with ATLX about her book, and the newest science that is dispelling fitness myths that surprised even her. Read More »

Nutritional Tips Leading Into Marathon

In the days leading up to a marathon, what you’re putting in your body can make all the difference. ATLX expert Dr. John Ivy is here to share some last-minute nutritional tips that will help you be at your best come race day. Read More »

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