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The Iron Cowboy Rides On

How many Ironman length races can one person complete in a year? In 2012 James Lawrence crushed the previous record by completing 30 full-distance triathlon races. Read More »

Bike Polo Catching on Around Globe

Polo isn’t just played on horses; it’s played on bikes, too. Bike Polo is one of the fastest growing sports In America and around the world. Read More »

Why Women are More Prone to Knee Injury

What is it about a woman’s body that makes her more prone to knee injury? Dr. Limpisvasti explains that while many theories exist among sports medicine specialists regarding this difference, one leading thought is that there are differences in neuromuscular control and landing patterns between male and female athletes... Read More »

Fine Line Between Trash-talk, Racism

The ‘N-word’ is perhaps the most sensitive word in the English language, yet it is often used casually as part of common trash-talk, or even a term of endearment, on the playing field. Read More »

Cellular Fitness: Myth, or Best-Kept Training Secret?

We’ve heard of high-altitude pressure chambers, but in applying actual pressure changes, from sea level to more than 20,000 feet, CVAC pods might be the new training rage. Read More »

Rhythmic Gymnasts Don’t Get Respect Deserved

When you think of rhythmic gymnastics, you might think of Will Ferrell twirling his ribbon around in Old School. But these athletes are no joke. We’re going inside this very difficult, very unappreciated sport that you very likely know nothing about. Read More »

Our Six Favorite Scenic Marathons

If the thrill of the run doesn't do it for you, the scenery will. Check out these awesome marathons... Read More »

Pole Dancing: The Fitness World’s Latest Craze

Pole dancing has made its way out of the gentlemen's club, as many women are getting in great shape, or even establishing a career competing in the fitness world’s latest craze with an eye on taking the sport to the Olympics. Read More »

Q & A With Running Legend Bill Rodgers

Later this year, four-time Boston Marathon winner Bill Rodgers will be inducted into the New York Road Runners Hall of Fame. ATLX spoke with Bill Rodgers about his passion for running and how he has seen the sport change over the years. Read More »

Common Sports Injuries: Ankle Sprains

In this week's Common Sports Injuries, ATLX consulted Dr. Kenneth Jung of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic to learn more about causes, treatment and prevention of ankle sprains. Read More »

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