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ATLX Outsiders: Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach has been featured all over the silver screen, but who are the people outside training and performing? ATLX headed to the original Muscle Beach in Venice, Calif. and Muscle Beach 2.0 in Santa Monica, Calif. to meet these amazing people and find out why they do it. Read More »

Athletes speak from the heart to provide motivation and inspiration

Getting - and staying - motivated can be a challenge. Elite and everyday athletes share their methods for keeping the drive alive. Read More »

Objectifying Women in Sports

Some marketing firms continue the practice of promoting the sex appeal of a female athlete over her accomplishments on the field of play. While showcasing the beauty of a woman is fine to do, some ads take it too far. Read More »

Climb Your Way to Greater Strength

Indoor rock climbing gyms offer a safe alternative to the real thing, and it gives you a great workout. Read More »

Revolutionizing Sports in America: Jim Lorimer’s Story

How is it possible that one man could organize a competitive women’s track team during the Cold War, work as an FBI agent and build the Arnold Sports Festival - the largest multi-sport festival in the U.S. - before then expanding it globally? ATLX asked the man who has done it all, Jim Lorimer, to find out. Read More »

ATLX PSA: Gym Etiquette

A friendly refresher course on gym, track, pool and training etiquette. Read More »

Athletic Demands of a Racing Pit Crew

Rarely noticed unless they make a mistake, the finely tuned athletes of a racing pit crew are often the difference between winning and losing. Read More »

On the Cutting Edge: Sparta Science

ATLX contributor Dr. Phil Wagner, M.D., not only authors outstanding injury prevention and training blogs, but he's also the owner of SPARTA, a top of the line training facility for athletes. SPARTA is pioneering the field of training technology with seamless access for its athletes. Read More »

Marathon Participation Reaching Record Highs

According to, marathon and half-marathon participation is at an all-time high. So what’s all the hype about? Read More »

Cycling: Hit Faster Speeds for Greater Results

Distance training is great for health benefits, but mixing in sprint training can lead to better results and better fitness levels. Read More »

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