All About the Madness

The Arnold Sports Festival Takes Over

While many people wrongly assume it's just about bodybuilding, The Arnold Sports Festival held annually in Columbus, Ohio is set to highlight 50 sports in 2014 and has expanded to both Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. Read More »

Running New York Marathon for Good Cause

Drew Swiss wanted to finish the New York Marathon for himself, and he did, and in doing so he has raised more than $300,000 for a worthy cause. Read More »

One-on-One With a Mud Run Champ

Cynthia Johnson doesn't just race in the mud for fun, she also does it to win. Read More »

Spartan Death Race: Enter at Your Own Risk

It's sent Navy SEALs home with their tails between their legs. It's mentally and physically destroyed the best of the best. Read on to get inside the minds of two crazy founders of this insane race. Read More »

ATLX Outsiders: Parkour

In this week's OUTsiders, ATLX heads to the parkour gym to see what this trendy workout is all about! Read More »

Saints to Sinners Bike to Beat ALS

Tomorrow morning bikers will take off from the heavenly hills of Utah en route to Sin City, in the fourth annual Saints to Sinners Bike Race to raise awareness and money for the fight against ALS. Read More »

Alpha Warrior Winners Challenge: Prove It!

Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro recently dominated the most technically challenging obstacle race out there. How did they do it and what's their advice for you? Check it out in our latest ATLX one-on-one. Read More »

Brazilian Dance Workout Rebolaxe Getting Hot

Omar Gonzalez is the man behind Rebolaxe, a Brazilian dance workout that could become the new fitness craze. Read More »

Finding Ultra: From Wasted to Warrior

Rich Roll finished five Ironman challenges on five different islands of Hawaii in one week. Two years before that, he dominated the Ultraman. And 10 years before that, he was totaled, tanked and in trouble. Read More »

4 Summer Additions to the Adventurer’s Bucket List

The living's easy for some, but for the thrill-seeking athletes out there, summertime is stacked with action-packed awesomeness. Check these items off your to-do list this season, you daredevil, you. Read More »

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