All About the Madness

Why the Spartan Race Stands Out

The trend of adventure racing continues to grow. Reebok recently announced that it will be releasing the official line of adventure racing gear in conjunction with its recent partnership with Spartan Race. Find out more about Spartan Race and their partnership here. Read More »

Running a Marathon at the Top of the World

While many runners are prepping for the Boston Marathon on April 15, there’s another marathon taking place this Tuesday north of Beantown for which some brave athletes are gearing up for. Read More »

Finding Your Focus After 50 miles: Joe Hayes Ultra-Marathon Runner

It all started because Joe Hayes was feeling a little pudgy. Now with over 100 ultra-marathons under his belt, he discusses the balance, lifestyle and mindset necessary to run ultra-marathons for over 40 years. Read More »

Pull-Ups for a Purpose, Chasing a World Record

Paul Theodore recently attempted to break the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours. Find out what fueled this man's fire to take on the lofty challenge. Read More »

Run, Mud Runner, Run

Training for a Mud Run? Whether it's your first dash in the dirt or you're a seasoned vet, preparation is a must. ATLX Expert Brett Stewart wrote the book - literally - on training for Obstacle Races. The first step? RUN! Read More »

Why the Heck Would You Do an Obstacle Race?

Still not convinced you've got what it takes to brave the muddy terrain of an adventure race? ATLX Expert Brett Stewart, obstacle racer extraordinaire, says YES YOU CAN! Read More »

Adventure Kids: Merrell’s Little Mud Runners

Who says you shouldn't play in the mud? This new kids-only Mud Run and Obstacle Course encourages families to get active together for a good cause. Read More »

Are You an Alpha Warrior?

ATLX Expert Brett Stewart gets called in to test Obstacle Courses and Mud Runs in his spare time. Why? Because he knows what makes up an awesome challenge. Alpha Warrior, one of the most technically challenging courses out there, asked him to give it a go. Here's Brett's Breakdown. Read More »

The Bigger, Smaller, Bigger Experiment

He gained 20 pounds over the course of 28 days, lost those 20 pounds in five days, then gained 17 pounds back in just 24 hours. There's some reason deep down beneath the insanity, Nate tells us. And if you want more, you can always check out his e-book (it's free). Read More »

Tackling Mud Runs via Twitter

The closest I’ve come to a mud run was when I slogged my way through an epic hike in Maui – a hike that involved getting lost on the mountainside, falling down a muddy hill and ultimately losing one shoe to the sludge. Read More »

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