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Kobe goes down with suspected achilles tear

Kobe Bryant left during the 4th quarter of Friday night's game against the Golden State Warriors with only 42 seconds left. Read More »

Why Does Your Lower Back Hurt?

Lower back pain is virtually unavoidable for most athletes at one point or another. Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA explains why the training you're probably doing to remedy the pain won't actually help at all - but he provides a better solution. Read More »

Upper Body Injuries Start From the Ground

Injuries can be especially tricky for athletes when the underlying cause goes unidentified. Believe it or not, often the cause and effect exist at several seemingly unrelated areas of the human body. Read More »

Shoulder Pain Simplified: Are Scapula Exercises a Waste of Time?

Shoulder pain is one of the most common ailments affecting everyday athletes. Here, Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA breaks it down with explanations for what's causing your shoulder pain and how to cope with it. Read More »

When to Worry: Knee Noise

Many people experience some sort of 'knee noise' throughout their lifetime, but how do you know if it's something you should worry about and when it's just your body making noise? ATLX weighed in with expert Dr. Keith Pyne to find out. Read More »

Why Hip Flexors Tighten and Why Hips Pop

Noticing a popping feeling and sound in your hips? Here's why it happens, where it comes from and how you can fix it. Read More »

The Most Common Injury: 90% Chance You Have It

Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA identifies the most common injury in athletes, one you've probably never heard of. Find out what it is, how it affects the body, how to treat it and how to prevent it. Read More »

The Latest Epidemic for Athletes: Plantar Fasciitis

If you haven't personally suffered from plantar fasciitis, chances are good you know someone who has. This painful form of heel pain is one of the most common issues podiatrists treat and can negatively affect your training. Read More »

SportsLab NYC: Professional Athletes Put Their Injuries in the Capable Hands of Dr. Keith Pyne

Photo Credit: SportsLab-NYC

ATLX focuses its Spotlight Profile on Dr. Keith Pyne and SportsLab-NYC, where Dr. Keith Pyne has treated more than 1,100 elite athletes across a variety of professional sports, drawing on his revolutionary program of diagnostics and tailored rehab treatment.
Read More »

Dr. John Ivy Says Timing is Everything

Get an in-depth perspective on the relationship between nutrient timing and athletic performance from Dr. John Ivy, a world-renowned author, researcher, professor, and head of the department of Kinesiology & Health Education at the University of Texas. Dr. Ivy explains why it pays for athletes to be nutritionally punctual.
Read More »

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