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Cycling: Hit Faster Speeds for Greater Results

Distance training is great for health benefits, but mixing in sprint training can lead to better results and better fitness levels. Read More »

Gretchen Reynolds: Dispelling fitness myths in ‘The First 20 Minutes’

Gretchen Reynolds, Exercise Science Columnist and author of 'The First 20 Minutes' spoke with ATLX about her book, and the newest science that is dispelling fitness myths that surprised even her. Read More »

What It Takes to Be an American Strongman

American Strongman competitors are some of toughest competitors out there. ATLX spoke with the founders to learn more about the competitions and the competitors. Read More »

Blind Athletes Can, and Do, See Sports all the Same

The United State Association for Blind Athletes continues to provide the blind and visually impaired with opportunities to get involved in sports, from school physical fitness programs all the way to the Paralympics. Read More »

America Still Struggling to Find Soccer Identity

With the creation and slow growth of Major League Soccer, not to mention better recent showings on the world stage, American soccer is growing. But it’s still an afterthought to our more celebrated sports. Our best athletes still choose other paths. And you have to wonder if that’s ever going to change. Read More »

Watersport Craze: Paddleboarding

The next craze in watersports is here! Paddleboarding is no longer just for the coast. Many people are taking up the sport on all types of bodies of water, and getting a great workout from it as well. Read More »

Improved Performance With More Sleep

September 24, 2013 - While you’ve probably heard that eight is the magic number, getting 10 hours of sleep per night can improve athletic performance and body composition by increasing natural HGH levels.
Read More »

Measuring Up: The Scale, BMI, & Body Fat

There are a number of tests that people use for their body composition. Some tests are superior to others, but none of them is the end all be all. Read More »

Little City Winning Sports’ Biggest Game

Major sporting events can bring hundred of millions of dollars into a local economy, and through the leadership of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, Columbus, Ohio is winning the bid to host some of the country's most prized games. Read More »

Concussion Awareness Impacting Youth Levels

By now, we’re all learning about the risk athletes are at for concussions and the long-term effects they can have. This awareness is trickling down to the youth levels, where education and protocol are changing for the better. Read More »

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