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Everyday Athlete Spotlight: A great excuse to tour the world

Picking up running after her collegiate tennis career ended has not only kept Angela Beeler healthy, she gets to go on 26.2 mile tours of some of the most iconic and scenic sights in the world. Read More »

Warrior Games Athlete Hopes to Inspire Disabled to Live Active Lifestyle

The Warrior Games, set to commence on May 11, 2013, is a paralympic style competition among the different U.S. Military branches and for the first time this year, the British Military as well. ATLX spoke with competitor Lt. Colonel Danny Dudek about his experience with last year's games, and his training and goals for this year's competition. Read More »

From Couch Potato to Marathon in Six Months

ATLX Expert Dr. Rob Ziltzer says going from coach potato to marathoner in 6 months is not only doable, but maybe easier than it seems. He's done it. 9 times, actually. Find his tips and motivational tools, right here for the taking. Read More »

Boston Marathoner Overcame Incredible Obstacles to Conquer Heartbreak Hill

Beantown celebrates 117 years of the world's oldest annual marathon on Monday. Competitor Cory Harris will celebrate three and a half years of defying the odds as he crosses the finish line in Boston. Read More »

Finding Your Focus After 50 miles: Joe Hayes Ultra-Marathon Runner

It all started because Joe Hayes was feeling a little pudgy. Now with over 100 ultra-marathons under his belt, he discusses the balance, lifestyle and mindset necessary to run ultra-marathons for over 40 years. Read More »

Pull-Ups for a Purpose, Chasing a World Record

Paul Theodore recently attempted to break the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours. Find out what fueled this man's fire to take on the lofty challenge. Read More »

Treating Ankle Sprains: Why RICE Never Works

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries athletes deal with. Knowing how to treat them, therefore, is crucial. Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA explains the injury and how to address the healing process. Read More »

Are You an Alpha Warrior?

ATLX Expert Brett Stewart gets called in to test Obstacle Courses and Mud Runs in his spare time. Why? Because he knows what makes up an awesome challenge. Alpha Warrior, one of the most technically challenging courses out there, asked him to give it a go. Here's Brett's Breakdown. Read More »

Method Man

Steve Moyer, trainer and nutritionist to well-known celebrities and everyday athletes, walks us through his successful fitness regimen. Read More »

Rockin’ Their Bodies: How These Guy Stars Toned Up and Down for the Big Screen

Whether they're bulking up to be part of The A-Team or practically starving themselves for a psychological thriller, these Hollywood men know how to mold their bodies to fit any role. Read More »

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