Finding Ultra: From Wasted to Warrior

Rich Roll finished five Ironman challenges on five different islands of Hawaii in one week. Two years before that, he dominated the Ultraman. And 10 years before that, he was totaled, tanked and in trouble. Read More »

Injury Profile: Epicondylitis

Epicondylitis is commonly referred to as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. This condition is a type of tendonitis (a fancy term for the swelling of the tendons) that occurs in athletes who use their elbows on a consistent basis. Read on to learn more about this injury. Read More »

Brick Mansions Showcases Paul Walker the Athlete

After tragically dying in a car accident last November, Paul Walker’s last full onscreen appearance with be in the movie Brick Mansions, set to release Friday April 25th – and it definitely shows his athletic side. Read More »

New York Times: New Ligament Discovered

In its wellness blog, the New York Times is reporting that researchers in Belgium have discovered a new knee ligament, the Anterior Lateral Ligament, which could have major injury diagnosis and rehabilitation implications. Read More »

Reebok Gearing Toward Weekend Warrior

Along with the launch of its new ZSeries collection, Reebok is teaming up with outfits like CrossFit and Spartan Race with an eye on the everyday athlete. Read More »

Top 4 Sports and Fitness Trends of 2014

2013 was all about the CrossFit craze, but what will be the big fitness trends in 2014? We’ve got four to keep your eye on. Read More »

Eat Healthy While Watching the Games!

After a hard week of working out and eating right, it doesn’t make much sense to blow it all at the sports bar. But you can enjoy the buffalo wings and tacos without packing on the pounds. Read More »

Eric Byrnes: From the MLB to the Ironman

Former Major League Baseball Outfielder, Eric Byrnes has added Ironman to his impressive resume. Learn how he went from the MLB to his first triathlon on a beach cruiser to officially becoming an Ironman. Read More »

Laureus Combats Issues Facing Denver Youth

Denver, November 12, 2013 – Adams County School District 50 has the largest homeless population in the Greater Denver Area, where children lack access to quality afterschool sports programs proven to help keep them safe. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA (Laureus USA), a charitable organization that supports projects in the U.S. to improve the lives of youth through the power of sports, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), the company and its dealers, is addressing the issue of youth violence in the district through their support and investment in a unique national coaching and mentoring program called Coach Across America (CAA), created by the non-profit organization Up2Us. Read More »

Marching Band: The Other Athletes on the Field

High school and college band members are athletes in the true sense of the word. They must march with their instruments, all the while maintaining their breathing for optimal sound and their posture for ideal presentation. The band must also come together if it wants to succeed just like any other team. Read More »

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