Doctor and Patient to Compete in Redman

Chance Leonard has experienced more physical pain in his life than any one person should have to endure. No one knows that better than his neurosurgeon. Now, together they are taking on a new challenge: The Oklahoma Redman Triathlon. Read More »

Is Barefoot Running Right for You?

Runners are plagued with injuries, and more often than not, the so-called solution to these injuries is a better pair of shoes. But people like Barefoot Ted, founder of Luna Sandals, believe our shoes are the problem, and that minimalist footwear is the cure for runners’ woes. Read More »

Tips & Tools for the Everyday Athlete’s Winning Mentality

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jim Taylor, details the most common mental obstacles athletes face and the best ways to knock ‘em down. Read More »

Intermittent Fasting is the Holy Grail of Diets

The 16-8 diet is burning body fat without causing a loss of muscle or strength. Read More »

Origins: History of Rugby

For this week's Origins, ATLX takes a look at the history of the tough and sometimes brutal sport of Rugby. Read More »

How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

It can be tough staying hydrated in the hot summer months. Check out the top five ways to beat the heat. Read More »

Top Four Races on the Fourth of July

July 4, 2013 -- Check out the top four races happening today from all around the country. Happy 4th of July! Read More »

ATLX Picks: Top 6 Sports Reads for Summer

If you need a good book, look no further! We have your top 6 sports books for summer. Read More »

Warming Up for Enhanced Performance and Injury Prevention

Although some people consider it the worst part of training, warming up is a must! ATLX consulted expert Robb Rogers to find out why. Read More »

Origins: Water Polo’s Storied Past

The true origin of water polo is somewhat of a mystery, but the history of the sport surely qualifies its claim to toughness. Read More »

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