San Diego Fox 5 Reporter Takes on CrossFit

We sat down with San Diego Fox 5 reporter Heather Lake, who is dispelling some of the CrossFit myths. Read More »

Bike Polo Catching on Around Globe

Polo isn’t just played on horses; it’s played on bikes, too. Bike Polo is one of the fastest growing sports In America and around the world. Read More »

Cellular Fitness: Myth, or Best-Kept Training Secret?

We’ve heard of high-altitude pressure chambers, but in applying actual pressure changes, from sea level to more than 20,000 feet, CVAC pods might be the new training rage. Read More »

Human Flight Specialist, GoPro Team Up

Marshall Miller calls himself a “human flight specialist,” and he’s teaming up with GoPro Cameras to capture some of the wildest rides on earth. Read More »

Conquering Cancer While Training for Kona

As if training and competing for an Ironman isn't impressive enough, Clarissa Alba was doing it in the midst of chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer. Check out this amazing woman's story! Read More »

A Trainer, a Marine, & a Fitness-Forged Family

Valli Gideon instituted the first-ever indoor triathlon at the Mission Viejo YMCA. Her Husband, Chris, is a Marine. Together, they are changing lives all over the world. Read More »

YouTube is the New Personal Trainer!

You can learn just about anything on YouTube, and training information is just one search away. Coaches, athletes, trainers and folks who are knowledgeable about a particular training area are sending information out to the masses. Read More »

Watersport Craze: Paddleboarding

The next craze in watersports is here! Paddleboarding is no longer just for the coast. Many people are taking up the sport on all types of bodies of water, and getting a great workout from it as well. Read More »

High End Protection Bodyguards are Not to be Fooled With!

The best protection bodyguards are former military officers, and they train to end a bad situation as quick as possible. Read More »

ACL injuries: One of Athletes’ Biggest Fears

The ACL tear is one of the most dreaded injuries an athlete can face, and it can happen to anyone. Read More »

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