Brazilian Dance Workout Rebolaxe Getting Hot

Omar Gonzalez is the man behind Rebolaxe, a Brazilian dance workout that could become the new fitness craze. Read More »

Injury Central

For athletes, injuries are a part of the game. With expert analysis, and video from one of world’s leading sports physicians, ATLX is bringing you everything you need to know about sports medicine. Read More »

Achilles Ruptures

By: Sarah McWilliams What is it? The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body and is essential for active individuals. The tendon connects the heel to the calf muscle stretching and contracting as you move, allowing you to walk, point your toes, jog and jump, and also helping to control your body weight. While the Achilles tendon is ... Read More »

ATLX Sports Medicine Library

Knees. Shoulders. Hamstrings. Feet. Injuries come in all shapes and sizes. ATLX has you covered from A-Z. Read More »


By: Sarah McWilliams What is it? A dislocation occurs when the bones that should be connected at a joint separate. Most of the joints in your body are at risk including shoulders, knees, hips, fingers and even toes.  The dislocation could damage surrounding areas such as ligaments, blood vessels and nerves. Who’s at risk? This is one injury that is ... Read More »

Group Running

Group running has never appealed to me. The reasons I love running – finding my own pace, getting “into the zone” and enjoying my music, to name a few – do not mesh with running with someone else, let alone a whole crew. Turns out I was wrong, though. Read More »

Asics Launches What’s Next Campaign

Asics is looking to add new business by targeting a more diverse group of athletes in it's newest campaign titled: What's Next? The campaign utilizes Lolo Jones and other Olympians in both their print and digital campaigns highlighting their latest technology for all types of training. Read More »

Origins: History of Rowing

In this week's origins, we take a look at the longstanding history of one of the world's oldest sports. Read More »

Ankle Sprains

Dr. Kenneth Jung of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic took time out of his busy schedule to discuss one of the most common injuries in athletics: ankle sprains. Read More »

Doc Talk: Stress Fractures

One of the most common injuries sports docs see is stress fractures in an athlete’s foot. ATLX consulted top sports doc, Dr. Kenneth Jung, of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic to find out exactly what is a stress fracture and how can we prevent them. Read More »

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