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By: Edith Mendoza

We all want to know how stars get in shape for a role, a cover shoot, and just life in general, and while we may not all have access to celebrity trainers — we can still work out like they do.

With builds and body types from Kate Upton to Naomi Watts to Meagan Good, female stars know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a sexy toned physique. We want to share the secrets behind their fitness routines.

Kate Upton

© Peter Ko, 2011
© Peter Ko, 2011

Upton just got in shape for her steamy Sports Illustrated Antarctica cover, and even though everyone is familiar with her goddess-like body, she still has to work out to keep her form photo shoot ready. The model worked out with celebrity trainer David Kirsch before she posed for SI, and since she likes her voluptuous curves, Kirsch detailed how she was able to get toned and keep her famous bosomy figure.

While Kate was getting in shape for her cover, she focused greatly on her arms, thighs, legs, and butt. To attain her fitness goals, Kirsch had the 20-year-old beauty meet with him for double sessions every day. The celebrity trainer had her doing a lot of medicine ball work, boxing and kickboxing, interval training, wind sprints and cardio sessions on the treadmill.

However, Kate’s conditioning didn’t rely solely on exercise. In order to obtain the body that she wanted, she also incorporated the 48 hour Super Charged Cleanse, the Five Day Ultimate Detox and the Seven Day Cleanse into her diet.


Naomi Watts

© Eva Rinaldi, 2012
© Eva Rinaldi, 2012

With award season in full effect, Watts did three particular exercises to keep her red carpet body in shape. She can thank founder of AKT INMOTION, Anna Kaiser for snapping her physique into tiptop condition.

The Movie 43 actress challenged herself by doing Hip Presses to work her shoulders and booty, Diagonal Lifts to challenge herself with a total body core stabilization workout, and the Airplane to target her abs.

In order to fit into her red carpet couture, the starlet trusted these three favorite go-to exercises to get her body right, consistently challenging herself using both her own body weight and additional free weights. They’re simple enough to do at home, but they’ll have your heart rate up and your blood flowing in no time.

“Sit on right hip, supporting weight with left arm extended straight. Place left foot on ground with knee directly above left ankle, facing ceiling. Hold a 10-pound dumbbell in right hand. Pressing down with left palm, lift hips to ceiling by pushing down into left heel and squeezing glutes; at the same time, extend right arm toward ceiling. Slowly return to seated position, lowering right arm. Do 15 to 20 reps, then repeat on the other side.”
“Come to all fours on a mat with a medicine ball on the floor to your left. Be sure right hand is directly under right shoulder and extend left arm to balance on ball with fingertips. Extend right leg to a right diagonal, keeping leg completely straight. As you balance, keeping arms straight the entire time, lift right leg up and lower it slowly, making sure hips stay square to the mat. Do 20 reps, then repeat on the other side.”
“Place a medicine ball on the floor in front of you. Balance in plank with palms positioned in the middle of the ball, squeezing inner thighs together. Keeping arms straight, bend both legs, bringing pelvis toward the back of the room. Pause, then shoot forward back into original plank position. Do 10 to 15 reps.”

Meagan Good

© Glenn Francis,
© Glenn Francis,

Good is currently starring in the NBC drama, Deception, and when she’s not busy acting, she’s being active so that she can look great for the camera.

Unlike Kate and Naomi, Meagan’s exercise routine isn’t as extensive, but she does work out with her trainer, Augustina four to five times a week for 45 minutes a day.

During her sessions, the actress does cardio on a treadmill and mostly bodyweight exercises. Meagan enjoys drills that keep her waistline looking trim and toned. And even though she cannot stand pushups, even celebrities make sacrifices to look good.

As far as her diet goes, she sticks with a protein shake for breakfast, eats whatever she wants for lunch, but keeps her portions to a minimum. And finally for dinner, she routinely opts for baked chicken and veggies.


So what do all these ladies have in common? They all work out to not only stay looking good for the big screen, red carpet, and magazine covers, but they do it to feel good. And the best way they accomplish that is by doing exercises that they’re comfortable with. At all different shapes and body types, their individual routines optimize their personal goals. They’ve figured out what works for them – an integral part of any successful training routine.

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