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By: Anna Littles
How do you see yourself?  How do you want your body to look?  How do you want to feel?

SteveMoyer3Steve Moyer is a trainer to well known celebrities, aspiring artists, business execs and everyday moms.

His motto:

“No hype, no short cuts.”

He simply does not believe in them! Reason and manageability are core to his business, The Moyer Method.

For Steve, “it’s really important to nail down a goal.” And from his years of experience of working with people, he realized that “how they feel about their body is more important than a number on a scale.” Also important for Steve is to know if clients have had any prior injuries, surgeries, aches and pains. Ultimately, the most important area of focus is health. Once he knows what his clients want to achieve, he comes up with a plan suited for their needs.

For instance, fat loss, strength training, recovering from child birth, or illness all call for a different types of training. And his clients budget is just as important as their goals. It all has to work for them. Some people train once a week, some three times a week.

The more he is able to work with someone, the easier it is to implement a plan. However, working with someone only on a weekly basis doesn’t slow him down either. Steve puts into motion a plan that the client can easily oversee on their own and be responsible for. Either way, Steve is cautious not to drastically change both training and diet at the same time.

He starts with training first, then when his clients’ weight loss goals hit a platform, he looks at their nutrition. He’ll ask them to record what they eat over a three day period, and usually all they have to do is adjust one or two things before they’re on their way to success.


It all depends on the clients, their schedules and their needs. 


Nutrition is the second part of The Moyer Method. Steve has over 50 recipes that are beautifully prepared. And of course, he calls them his Moyer Meals!

Steve is just as passionate about how well his clients eat as he is about their reaching their goals.

He continually emphasizes the importance of understanding gradual progress.


“If you implement too much change at once, it can result in failure. It’s important to focus on one thing at a time.”

Steve’s approach to nutrition is consistent with his approach to training; no fad diets, no extremes. His method is change of lifestyle. He does not entertain extreme measures. The Moyer Method is inclusive of every aspect of peoples lives; family, work, travel, social. He likes to show people how they can enjoy food and still see their goals well within reach. Just as important is maintaining those hard won goals for life, with or without him.

I’m spreading the news. Moyer’s meals are delicious and gluten free.

SteveMoyer_PomCashewChickenSaladI’ve tasted them!

In a side-bar to our discussion, I asked Steve about current food trends. Be it supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, I’ve noticed there are signs up everywhere that read “gluten-free.” I had to know… what’s up with gluten? It seems to be the new bad guy on the block.  Steve explained, “you can be allergic or intolerant to gluten on different levels, with the most severe intolerance resulting in Celiac Disease.” Steve’s not completely allergic, but he is intolerant, which can cause discomfort like bloating. Some people suffer from Celiac Disease and their health is at high risk.

“There’s now so much hype around gluten that people have misunderstood and gone so far as to exclude it from their diets even though they have no sensitivities to it. They stop eating high starchy foods such as pastas and breads. They will see weight loss due to the fact that they’ve cut out carbohydrates, and not take into account that it’s only a carb issue. Unfortunately, people may not realize that this approach is not a long term solution. It simply turns out to be more hype.”


SteveMoyer5Well, now that that’s settled, back to the Method. As far as Steve’s concerned, “the big thing about meals is built-in portion control.” He knows how many calories are in each meal he prepares for his clients. He breaks those calories down to include snacks along with their main meals, making it very easy for the client to get exactly what they need. Not more, not less. Steve knows that when he provides his signature meals, his clients are enjoying a clean and well balanced diet.

Steve emphasized how important it is that his clients reach their goals as well as maintain them.


It’s all about sustainable change!

Whether he is working with an Oscar contender, or you and me, the same attention to detail goes into each plan. That is the beauty of The Moyer Method. A good recipe for health; a great recipe for success.


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