Reebok Celebrates Everyday Athletes in Latest Campaign

By: Morgan Urtso

Reebok recently launched its newest marketing campaign, creatively titled

“Live With Fire.”

The concept is based on the international brand’s goal to change the way people approach, view and experience the world of fitness. In a press release, Reebok stated their intent to show how an active lifestyle can inspire people to live their lives with purpose, intent and passion while inspiring others to do the same.

“At Reebok, our mission is to empower people to be fit for life, but we don’t want people to move for the sake of movement. We believe movement is the path to becoming physically, mentally and socially stronger,” said Matt O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer of Reebok.

In line with Reebok’s mission to change the world of fitness, the campaign features stories of people who have transformed their lives for the better through an active lifestyle. Reebok says “Live With Fire” is an invitation to all, to live their lives with the passion of a pursuit of physical transformation and inspiration, and to approach fitness not as a chore or an obligation, but as a way of life.

“Since we’ve sharpened our focus on fitness, we’ve seen how reaching goals and accomplishing new feats changes people and their lives,” O’Toole said. “We find our inspiration in these people, who live their lives with renewed passion and intensity, and affect others with their attitude. Among our employees and our consumers we’re building a community that pushes people to do and be more, and we want to inspire others to join this movement.”

The characters featured in the campaign are relatable to everyday athletes and weekend warriors. Reebok intends for their stories to be the driving force behind the campaign, focusing on personalization and relevance within the lives of athletes across the fitness spectrum. The new and unique approach of “Live With Fire” is aimed at an audience made up of a rapidly growing demographic — everyday athletes of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

“We’re not featuring the aspirational actions of today’s superstar millionaires in this campaign,” said Reebok’s Vice President of Marketing Yan Martin in a press release.

“We’re celebrating individuals who find purpose by pursuing their passions. We believe that everyone has the potential to transform their lives through fitness and creativity, and want to encourage this discovery.”


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