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Shoulder Pain Simplified: Are Scapula Exercises a Waste of Time?

Shoulder pain is one of the most common ailments affecting everyday athletes. Here, Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA breaks it down with explanations for what's causing your shoulder pain and how to cope with it.

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DO WORK! With Coach Dos: Round 3

Our third installment of "DO WORK!" with Coach Dos, ATLX's weekly series featuring ATLX Expert Robert Dos Remedios. Follow along as the Master Strength & Conditioning Coach brings a wealth of knowledge to ATLX's Coach's Corner in these quick Q&A sessions.

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Tips for training with injuries

360 CUT 2013 ATLX Partner American Strongman‘s Mike Johnston, who is a physical therapist, CSCS, professional strongman and powerlifter, and public speaker, writes about training with injuries. Follow his tips for maximizing performance while maintaining health through an injury. 360 CUT: Training with Injuries   MORE RELATED ARTICLES >>  

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Finding Your Focus After 50 miles: Joe Hayes Ultra-Marathon Runner

It all started because Joe Hayes was feeling a little pudgy. Now with over 100 ultra-marathons under his belt, he discusses the balance, lifestyle and mindset necessary to run ultra-marathons for over 40 years.

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Training for a World Record: Paul Theodore’s Pull-Up program

Pull-ups are hard by any measure. Trainer and pull-up pro Paul Theodore breaks down how he trained for thousands of pull-ups, and how you can master the motion.

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Pull-Ups for a Purpose, Chasing a World Record

Paul Theodore recently attempted to break the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours. Find out what fueled this man's fire to take on the lofty challenge.

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