DO WORK! With Coach Dos: Round 6

“DO WORK! With Coach Dos” brings you the most recent Q&A interaction between athletes and ATLX Expert Coach Robert Dos Remedios. Here, you’ll find Dos’s expert opinion on questions that you’ve probably asked yourself as an athlete, but didn’t quite know the answer to.

If you workout first thing in the morning, what and how much should you eat before your workout? Or should you eat at all? Then when you’re done, should you eat breakfast right after or just a post workout shake?

Dos: Depends on the individual (some people CAN’T train on an empty stomach) and when your last feeding was. When I train super early I just have water and vitamins then have both a shake and a small breakfast right after.

Coach Dos, what are the best strength training exercises to improve get-outs for runners? Do heavy weights have to be implemented or is there another way?

Dos: It depends on sprinters vs. distance. But bottom line is that STRENGTH is the main factor and all else is equal… even for distance runners.

What are your thoughts on circuit training workouts? And what are your favorite exercises while doing circuits?

Dos: Circuits are great… just make sure to address all 5 of these movement patterns in every circuit: lower body, core, upper push, upper pull, and explosive.

What are your thoughts on supplementing bcaa for the average client wanting to shed fat and build muscle. Beneficial? If so, what kind of dose?

Dos: 3-5 grams before workouts should help with energy and muscle building.

Kneeling jump squats… What are the benefits? Pros? Cons?

Dos: I never got this move. Reward = ? Risk = MASSIVE.

What exercise can I do to help with tightening my stomach/ab area? After years of no exercising and 4 kids…

Dos: Make sure to train the core via both rotation and anti rotation (med ball rotations, landmines, etc.). Plank moves and dynamic moves like 1/2 turkish get-ups, etc.

Hi, Coach, give us your lifting philosophy? As in what do you believe everyone should strive for in their workout?

Dos: Work capacity is always king.

What exercise (or group of exercises) do you find to be most valuable/give the best results (across all sports) for the production of power in the legs?

Dos: Gotta get stronger via squats, etc. And also, bridge that with Olympic lifts and plyos.

Check back next week for the next installment of DO WORK! With Coach Dos.

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