HockeyOT: A Virtual Training Destination

By: Morgan Urtso
May 21, 2013

Elite athletes will likely attribute a portion of their success to their strength and conditioning coach – the athlete behind the athlete who fine tunes fundamentals and guides and drives athleticism. Elite athletes have direct access to the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and with that access comes the greatest opportunity to take their game to the next level. Elite athletes are afforded the edge that only an established strength and conditioning coach can provide.

Photo Credit: HockeyOT.comBut ATLX expert Dr. Chad Moreau is leveling the playing field.


A long-time trainer for professional hockey players, Moreau teamed up with his brother and former NHL star Ethan Moreau to build, the online off-ice hockey training program for elite and everyday athletes alike. The comprehensive and custom program Moreau created in HockeyOT acts as a virtual strength and conditioning trainer for more than 1,500 hockey athletes around the world. From the elite pros to the beer leaguers to pee-wee bantam players, HockeyOT offers the edge and intelligence of an elite-level trainer, tracking progress and making adjustments based on regular testing, statistics, intensity, seasonal demands and unique variables in every individual athlete.

Naturally, skeptics will question the ability of an automated program to parallel the job of a real-life coach. How responsive and intelligent can an online training program really be?


“It’s a smart program,” Moreau said. “Everything is tailored to the specific athlete … and their programs are all based on their feedback, so what they put into the system changes the program.”

Because Moreau doesn’t physically meet with many of the athletes who use HockeyOT, he developed an in-depth online testing sequence. With it, the program is able to obtain thorough analytics on every HockeyOT athlete, exactly as if Moreau had tested them in person and diagnosed their athletic needs. The resulting data allows the program to customize and tailor itself to not only improve an athlete’s specific strengths, but also target and attack their weaknesses.

The interactivity of HockeyOT makes the program ultra-responsive and, ultimately, successful as a virtual trainer from start to finish. Throughout the 16-week program, input and feedback between HockeyOT and the athlete will alter and adjust their off-ice training sequences and fitness goals to optimize their performance and progress.


Monitoring progress in speed, endurance, agility and power, HockeyOT takes dryland hockey training to the highest level, featuring the same methods Moreau has used with pros for years. Whether it’s monitoring a player’s ability to rapidly change direction with a lateral agility test, evaluating lower body strength with a barbell deadlift or measuring shot power with a medicine ball side throw, the HockeyOT program logs and analyzes ability and progress exactly as Moreau does himself. With over 350 instructional videos and content, Moreau trusts HockeyOT to keep his athletes at peak performance year-round and thousands of miles from his training facility in Southern California.

The success Moreau has seen HockeyOT provide to athletes at all levels is enough to substantiate his claims.

“We get awesome feedback from the players who use the site,” Moreau said.

The pros, praising the program and its reliability, said HockeyOT has improved their games and kept them healthy. The rec players and beer leaguers have attributed injury prevention and improvement at an older age to the HockeyOT strength and conditioning program.

With access to injury prevention techniques from Moreau, who is also a sports chiropractor and soft tissue specialist, the HockeyOT program emphasizes the importance of injury prevention and recovery. With a foundation built on Moreau’s training experience coupled with his medical background, the system is designed to optimize an athlete’s performance while maintaining fitness and health.

hockeyotlogoThe once seemingly untouchable secrets of elite strength and conditioning trainers are more accessible than ever with programs like HockeyOT. Reaching as far as Europe, Australia and Asia, HockeyOT provides a virtual destination for everyday athletes to step up on the ice.

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