Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fitness Resorts

Fitness resorts never held any sort of appeal for me. I’m active at home, work out as often as possible and eat as healthy as my lifestyle allows... Read More »

From Couch Potato to Marathon in Six Months

ATLX Expert Dr. Rob Ziltzer says going from coach potato to marathoner in 6 months is not only doable, but maybe easier than it seems. He's done it. 9 times, actually. Find his tips and motivational tools, right here for the taking. Read More »

Say what? Five things that will surprise you in ‘The First 20 Minutes’

Gretchen Reynold's, The First 20 Minutes, details surprising facts about your workout regimen. ATLX picked the five biggest surprises we took away from this book. Check them out here! Read More »

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