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Knees. Shoulders. Hamstrings. Feet. Injuries come in all shapes and sizes. ATLX has you covered from A-Z.

shutterstock_114105151How to Diagnose, Prevent Stress Fractures

Stress fractions can show up without much warning, and can bring all physical activities to a halt and even lead to more serious problems. ATLX breaks down the practical diagnosis and prevention of this painful injury.


coverphotoWhat’s up, Doc? Sports Medicine for Kids

Kids are playing sports earlier and at a more competitive level than ever, and injuries are a part of the game. ATLX sits down with renowned pediatrician and sports medicine specialist Dr. Paul Stricker to discuss the unique challenges of treating the child athlete.

3592318078_c1f151e7f9_zHow to Treat and Prevent Cramps

Cramps are painful, and they can bring an end to your game or workout. Use some of these tips to keep your body in motion.


2594690838_e713aea099_zAvoiding 5 Common Running Injuries

If you’re a runner, chances are you have or will experience an injury at some point in time. From mild “annoying” injuries to more serious injuries that can sideline you, here are 5 common running injuries and tips to avoid them.

sportspsychSports Psych: In the Zone

Elite athletes find the proper mental flow state to perform at an optimal level. But that is not limited to athletics on the highest level, as recreational athletes can also benefit from being in the zone.

coverphotoYouth Specialization Can Increase Injuries

Sport specialization by youth is a touchy subject and a controversial issue. There are potential health, psychological, and sociological risks that must be weighed against the benefits of obtaining sharper skills through specialization….

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.31.58 PMJoubert’s Healing Physical Therapy

A former figure skater herself, Karen Joubert knows what it takes to treat athletes. She has helped a diverse assortment of people rehab various injuries for the past 24 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.



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