Valslide: For a Red Carpet-Ready Body

By: Sarah McWilliamsvalslide

Developed by a pretty, blonde celebrity trainer, it comes in pink (and black and ninja green) and has a cute catchy name. There is no way it could give you a good workout, right?


Some of the top celebrities in the world are using Valslide religiously to get ready for the red carpet, but don’t be fooled yet again that it’s just for women. Master Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Robert Dos Remedios, uses Valslide to work out his football team as well. And everyone is seeing results.

Coach Dos wrote on his blog “A kettlebell, TRX, and a pair of Valslides, all I need to a kick butt home workout. People are always amazed when I pull out the Valslides and put them through the RINGER.”

Valerie WatersThe Valslide, created by top celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, was developed  by utilizing slide plate technology, balance and bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises have gained in popularity because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the fitness trend. Bodyweight exercises don’t discriminate on gender as both men and women are equally capable, and can enjoy awesome benefits.

Bodyweight exercises have also been shown to improve flexibility, core strength, and balance. And the best part about bodyweight exercises is the convenience of it all. Bodyweight exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. That’s what makes Valslide such a great companion to fitness routines.

Valslide has become a staple for both celebrities and elite athletes alike. Jennifer Garner uses Valslide as a staple in her workouts. Garner even brought the product on the Ellen Show after pressure to reveal how she maintains her incredible physique.

The simplicity of it is deceiving. I had to try it myself and feel the soreness the next couple days to believe that it really worked. Before I began, Waters was reassuring that it wouldn’t take much.

“We’re going to do abs and butt. And it will only take a few reps, yoproxy(2)u don’t even have to get sweaty for you to know it will work.” Waters said.

After doing one set of a few different moves, it was obvious she was right. Valslide’s deceptiveness stems from the style. There is very little to it, and the moves are incredibly easy. Since it incorporates bodyweight, it is not an overwhelming device, but ask anyone who uses it, it delivers results. With Valslide, you can free up your home gym for more practical space, because you don’t need much room or equipment.

“I used to have more machines in here, and I got rid of them all because I mostly use Valslides. I do use a lot stretchy bands, a pair of dumbbells, and a bench some of the time,” Waters said. “But yeah, honestly you don’t really need to spend more than a hundred bucks.”

A hundred bucks and you can get a celebrity body? Sign us up!

If you don’t have access to Waters herself, there are plenty of resources available to get your own celebrity workout in your home, hotel or wherever you happen to be. Over the years Waters has released DVDs to go along with her product as well as plenty of online resources for the very beginner to professional and elite athletes.

For more information on the Valslide, check out her website at

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