5 Must-Have Products for Summer

By: Sarah McWilliams

Summer is finally here. You’ve been looking forward to it all year. The clouds are finally clearing, so you can get out of the gym and onto the streets, the beach, and the trails to enjoy some fresh air during your workouts.
If you haven’t prepped your beach bod just yet, or if you’re training for a summertime race or event, check out our list of seasonal necessities just in time for the sunny months ahead.

1. Marietta Vision Contact Lenses

If your sunglasses get in the way of your workouts, Marietta Vision Contact Lenses are the perfect product for you. Marietta developed a line of contact lenses made specifically to enhance athlete performance. These lenses are tinted like sunglasses, but without the tan lines.
According to mariettacontactlens.com, the Sun Tac lense “reduces overall brightness while preserving 100 percent normal color recognition… great for outdoor sports, especially running.”

2. The Non-Bottle

292697_lonely_riderThe Non-Bottle is a great way to transport water without the extra bulk of having to carry an empty water bottle. These water vessels are built for performance and are great for bikers, runners and even outdoor fly-fishers.
The Non-Bottle is reusable as well as durable, and should last you all summer long. Employing a reusable container reduces your carbon footprint, and although you can’t just toss the bottle when you’re done with it, you can either refill or roll it up and conveniently stow it away.

3.  Aqua Jogger

Take advantage of those hot summer days by cooling off in the pool. Aquatic workouts are great for building endurance, strength, and giving your body a break from pounding the pavement. The Aqua Jogger is the perfect product if you want to get in shape and have access to a pool.
Swimming_pool_underwater_1The Aqua Jogger is great for a variety of workouts, and you are free to head to the deep end with the Aqua Jogger Buoyancy Belt. Not only is the Aqua Jogger great for a summer workout, but the website says you can also take advantage of it for therapy and rehabilitation.

4. Running Sandal

Barefoot running is all the craze, but some people may be hesitant to hit the hot pavement or running trails with no protection for their feet. Running sandals, similar to barefoot running, have developed a cult following – and with good reason. Studies show that barefoot running is actually better for both the body and the mind.
Something to avoid while running in sandals is making the mistake of running as if you’re rocking normal, cushioned shoes. Tread lightly on your first several runs to provide your body with time to adjust to your new footwear.

1376056_sunburst_cloudscape5.  Sunblock

The ultimate summer staple. According to skincancer.org, “A person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns at any age.” Sunblock is essential when you’re outdoors. Heliocare has developed a great, water/sweat proof lotion that actually smells good too. Even if you have a dark complexion, you are not free from risk. Don’t take any chances and lather up before you head out.

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