Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fine Line Between Trash-talk, Racism

The ‘N-word’ is perhaps the most sensitive word in the English language, yet it is often used casually as part of common trash-talk, or even a term of endearment, on the playing field.

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Cellular Fitness: Myth, or Best-Kept Training Secret?

We’ve heard of high-altitude pressure chambers, but in applying actual pressure changes, from sea level to more than 20,000 feet, CVAC pods might be the new training rage.

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Rhythmic Gymnasts Don’t Get Respect Deserved

When you think of rhythmic gymnastics, you might think of Will Ferrell twirling his ribbon around in Old School. But these athletes are no joke. We’re going inside this very difficult, very unappreciated sport that you very likely know nothing about.

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Our Six Favorite Scenic Marathons

If the thrill of the run doesn't do it for you, the scenery will. Check out these awesome marathons...

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