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Age Merely a Number for Some Athletes

Wes Worley, Judy Barton and Fred Dieffenbach continue to compete athletically at an age long after most people have hung it up. Though they love the camaraderie, don’t underestimate their competitive drive. Read More »

Longtime Friends Make Running History

Two Southern California friends have managed to run at least one mile every day since the late 1960s. Recently, one of their streaks ended, but little else has changed. Their bond remains strong, as does their passion for fitness. Read More »

Q&A: Boston Marathon Legend Wayne Levy

Wayne Levy has run over 100,000 miles in his life. As he prepares for his eighth Boston Marathon, we sat down to talk about all things running with this Jamaican-born legend. Read More »

Former Big Leaguers Paying Game Forward

Jake Wood and Terry Fox were 1960s teammates with the Detroit Tigers. Nearly 50 years later, they’ve been reunited through the game they love. Read More »

We Can Change the World Through Sports

A speech from Nelson Mandela at the Laureus World Sports Awards made corporations and athletes realize that sports can change the world and that it was time to act. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation was born, and through their championing of sports, they are slowly but surely changing the world. Read More »

Our Six Favorite Scenic Marathons

If the thrill of the run doesn't do it for you, the scenery will. Check out these awesome marathons... Read More »

Rare Athlete, Rare Patient: A Triathlete’s Story

Jess Cerra discovered she had the VO2 max of a professional cyclist when she’d hardly ever ridden a bike, but it’s the adversity she’s battled through that has made her the athlete she is today. Read More »

Conquering Cancer While Training for Kona

As if training and competing for an Ironman isn't impressive enough, Clarissa Alba was doing it in the midst of chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer. Check out this amazing woman's story! Read More »

Athletes speak from the heart to provide motivation and inspiration

Getting - and staying - motivated can be a challenge. Elite and everyday athletes share their methods for keeping the drive alive. Read More »

ATLX PSA: Gym Etiquette

A friendly refresher course on gym, track, pool and training etiquette. Read More »

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