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CrossFit: The Movement

Once deemed just another fitness fad, CrossFit is proving to doubters across the country that it's here to stay. Check out what makes CrossFit such a popular alternative to traditional workouts. Read More »

Everyday Athlete Spotlight: How one weekend warrior stays motivated

Alex Hollanshead epitomizes the weekend warrior. After running his first marathon because of a bet, he has since completed 11 more, has taken up cycling and is training for his first Ironman. A product engineer in Houston, TX, see what motivates him to be an everyday athlete. Read More »

Eric Byrnes: From the MLB to the Ironman

Former Major League Baseball Outfielder, Eric Byrnes has added Ironman to his impressive resume. Learn how he went from the MLB to his first triathlon on a beach cruiser to officially becoming an Ironman. Read More »

Maurice Clarett 2.0: His Comeback Story

The name Maurice Clarett tends to garner a strong reaction one way or another. Find out from the man himself what went wrong after winning the 2002 National Championship and his big plans for the future. Read More »

Paralympian Walker Won’t Stop at Anything

Paralympic alpine skier Tyler Walker has spent his life overcoming obstacles, and he has his sights on a medal this winter in Sochi, Russia. But his goals don’t end there. Read More »

Concussions Threatening BMX Racer’s Career

As the concussions-in-sports debate rages on, Donny Robinson, an Olympic BMX racer and former national champion, is facing the possible end of his career thanks to repeated head trauma. And he’s not sure what to do. Read More »

Doctor and Patient to Compete in Redman

Chance Leonard has experienced more physical pain in his life than any one person should have to endure. No one knows that better than his neurosurgeon. Now, together they are taking on a new challenge: The Oklahoma Redman Triathlon. Read More »

ATLX Blog: My First Triathlon

This month's featured blogger, Sarah McWilliams, is training to compete in her first triathlon. Follow her journey through the ups and downs of figuring out the equipment, relearning to be an athlete, and finding out if she has what it takes to complete the 1500M swim, the 40K bike and the 10K run. [more_link]Read More »[/more_link]

Origins: Water Polo’s Storied Past

The true origin of water polo is somewhat of a mystery, but the history of the sport surely qualifies its claim to toughness. Read More »

Train with Intensity by Limiting the Rest

Anyone else noticing that the gym is becoming more of a social hour than a workout facility? For the best results it's time to stop chatting and start lifting. Read More »

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