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Is It a Do or a Don’t? Running With Weights

It may seem like running with ankle or wrist weights is the perfect way to burn extra calories during a run, however, it may not be all it's cracked up to be.

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Fill Up on Fats! They’re Good for You

Dietary fats have gotten a bad name, but many of them are essential for the body to function, to lower the risk of certain heart decease, diabetes, and hypertension, and to promote healthy weight loss.

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The Origins of Modern Day Football

Did you know in the early 1900s, Football was almost banned in the United States because of the injuries and deaths related to the sport? Check out the full story on history of Football.

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Post Labor Day Activities

Labor Day signals the end of summer, but the weather isn’t changing yet. Winter clothes won’t be coming out for a while, and there’s still ample time to get in outdoor workouts.

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Obesity Levels Off, Remains High

Recent research suggests that government initiatives have found success in curbing obesity rates. Still, obesity rates hover around an alarming 36 percent, and much more will have to be done in order to cause them to decline.

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ATLX Blog: My First Triathlon

This month's featured blogger, Sarah McWilliams, is training to compete in her first triathlon. Follow her journey through the ups and downs of figuring out the equipment, relearning to be an athlete, and finding out if she has what it takes to complete the 1500M swim, the 40K bike and the 10K run. [more_link]Read More »[/more_link]

AND1 Summer Remix Preview

Former and current NBA players will join Streetball legends, international pros and other high-level athletes to compete for the largest prize in Streetball history, $100,000. The tournament begins on Thursday in Philadelphia, the very place AND1 began 20 years ago.

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Origins: Synchronized Swimming

This relatively new sport continues to grow, as competitors are challenged with combining gymnastics, swimming and dance, and have the endurance to accomplish all three.

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Origins: History of the Gentleman’s Game

"Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.” While a fun, although misogynist acronym, it’s a myth that the origins of the name “golf” come from that phrase. Read on to find out the real history of the game, and where the name really came from.

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Asics Launches What’s Next Campaign

Asics is looking to add new business by targeting a more diverse group of athletes in it's newest campaign titled: What's Next? The campaign utilizes Lolo Jones and other Olympians in both their print and digital campaigns highlighting their latest technology for all types of training.

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