Scott Peyton

Financial Advisor A Finance Executive with multiple disciplines, Scott Peyton has over 20 years experience in business development, investor relations, finance and operations specializing in the cable television and new media industries. He has served as CFO for several companies including Sony’s domestic cable group and The Africa Channel among others. Mr. Peyton also served as Executive Director of Finance …

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Barry’s Bootcamp

“Everyone will be more fit than me..." That’s what I was thinking as I ran to Barry’s Bootcamp in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood for my first foray into the popular workout. (That, and, “I’m scared.”)

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How ‘42’ Actor Chadwick Boseman Trained to Play Like Jackie Robinson

Chad Boseman took on the role of a lifetime to play the iconic Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. Read more to find out how Boseman trained like a real baseball player to accurately portray this legend.

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Tips for training with injuries

360 CUT 2013 ATLX Partner American Strongman‘s Mike Johnston, who is a physical therapist, CSCS, professional strongman and powerlifter, and public speaker, writes about training with injuries. Follow his tips for maximizing performance while maintaining health through an injury. 360 CUT: Training with Injuries   MORE RELATED ARTICLES >>  

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The Madness: 5 reasons we’re hooked

March Madness is taking over, as it does every year. Why is it such an obsession? We've outlined our top 5 reasons here.
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Kobe’s Ankle: assessing the injury

By: Morgan Urtso Turns out, Kobe Bryant isn’t unbreakable. The Lakers top-scorer went down with a severe left ankle sprain last night in the Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Hawks. Kobe took the hit on a late 4th quarter jumper attempt to tie the game, tripping over Dahntay Jones’s foot with 3.9 seconds left in the game. In a post-game …

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An elite athlete’s personal MVP: pro sports’ most valuable physician

You don't often hear the stories of the people standing behind the elite athletes. Those of the trainers who take their game to the next level, of the nutritionists who help them get to their ideal weight and size, of the sports psychologists who get their minds right. Or the stories of the sports docs who put these athletes in the best physical condition to not only recover from injury, but to excel. The best of the best, orthopedic surgeon Dr. James R. Andrews, is one of those people.

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Peek behind the Olympic curtain: A photographic journey of elite athletes in training

Take a peek behind the Olympic curtain into the training of elite athletes from across the globe. This collection of photos offers a worldwide perspective that words simply cannot.

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Michelle & Matt Talk Training

Michelle Magnan

When I met Matt Jordan, a sports physiologist and strength and conditioning coach, on a recent sunny afternoon in Calgary to chat about the training of elite athletes, I was not at peak condition myself. Earlier that week, I’d tweaked my lower back while doing kettlebell swings at the gym. I hadn’t attempted any workouts or running since.

This injury-induced rest was not, as Matt would say, “purposeful rest.”

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