ATLX Feature: The Training of Elite Athletes

An elite athlete's performance goes well beyond the bounds of the game...

Whether it’s our Olympic athletes training for gold, our favorite professional or collegiate players gearing up for a new season or weekend warriors wanting to better their game, there is an army of behind-the-scenes strength and conditioning coaches, sports docs, nutritionists, trainers, physical therapists, researchers, sports psychologists and other specialized experts helping athletes to maximize their performance and stay healthy.

ATLX went behind the scenes to meet some of these uniquely qualified coaches and experts, all of whom bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and a proven track record in their respective fields. We call them the “athletes behind the athletes” and they are truly a special breed. They have trained and treated the most famous superstars of sport, the military’s Special Forces and everyday athletes alike. We are excited to share their decades of collective experience and some of their favorite stories with you in our debut ATLX feature theme, The Training of Elite Athletes.

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