The Craze of Mud Runs & Adventure Races

It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular athletic trends across the country…

The Mud Run.

It’s not just for the boys. It’s not just for the outdoorsy types. It’s not just for the kids. Everyone’s playing in the mud these days. And whether they’re crawling and faceplanting under barbed wire, jumping over fire pits, or tackling the tire track, mud runners everywhere are taking to the terrain, fearless and focused, ready to get dirty.

Mud Runs, Adventure Races and Obstacle Courses come in a variety of sizes, lengths, difficulties and intensities. There are events for beginners, experienced racers, and seasoned vets. There are races for kids. There are races benefitting causes. There are races 15 miles long and there are races 3 miles long. There are seriously competitive races and there are purely for-the-fun races. Chances are, there’s a Mud Run out there for just about everyone.

Millions of people participate in Mud Runs, Adventure Races and Obstacles Courses – an amount that’s skyrocketed since the trend’s humble beginnings. Find out why people are signing up to get down and dirty in this ATLX Spotlight: The Craze of Mud Runs & Adventure Races.

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