The Channel

Coming in 2022, ATLX is launching a network that will fully immerse viewers in our world of athletics, training, and lifestyle.


ATLX will air a wide variety of reality formats, showcasing personal and team transformations, in-depth series about the country’s top coaches, everyday athletes performing on the edges of sanity, performance science for everyday athletes, training table cooking shows and celebrity competitions.

Original Series

ATLX goes behind the scenes to bring you the cutting edge tips behind elite coaching and training, magazine shows featuring everyday athletes doing extraordinary things, athletes overcoming all odds to compete and shows that help beginners tap into their inner athletes.


Want to know the scores from last night’s games? Take two minutes and check the app on your smart phone.  Want to know how to transform your life so you can succeed in an ever more competitive world? Tune into ATLX’s talk and news formats to get all the inside stories, latest tips and incredible storylines of our participant-athletes.  ATLX also tackles the serious issues in our world of training, sports and athletic competition for those of all ages and at all life stages.


ATLX brings you compelling documentaries in the world of sports and athletics from across cultures, sports and athletic endeavors.

Performance & Training

Meet some of the top coaches, sports docs, nutritionists, trainers and other experts to cover the broader world of training, sports-specific preparation and techniques to better your game – – across all popular participant sports, recreational activities and weekend warrior games.


ATLX showcases contemporary and past legends of physical culture, sports and coaching, peeking behind the scenes and sharing the wisdom and experience of those who have changed our lives through sports and helped make an athletic lifestyle a signature for millions of people.

Cooking & Nutrition

Anchored by its signature cooking show, The ATLX Chef, the network brings you the latest in performance cooking, nutrition, the pros and cons of supplementation and shows to help you keep your family fit and what to prepare before and after your next competition or training session.

Lifestyle & Fashion

ATLX will feature athletic wear and fitness fashion styles from what’s functional and performance-based to what looks good to what the elite athletes are wearing. Dive into the world of fitness modeling and fitness lifestyle trends from all angles of ATLX’s world.

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