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Origins: The History of Kayaking

Now an Olympic sport ultizing upgraded technology, the original kayaks developed by Eskimos were used for hunting in the freezing cold waters of the Arctic. Read on to find out the rest of the story! Read More »

Early Riser

My grandmother, Florence, taught me the joy of the early morning workout. As a child, when I was lucky enough to have a sleepover with my grandparents, she would ask ... Read More »

The Olympics of CrossFit Commence

CrossFit competitors are the self-proclaimed fittest athletes in any field. The CrossFit games hosted in Carson, Calif. will help determine who is the fittest of the fittest. Read More »

Is Barefoot Running Right for You?

Runners are plagued with injuries, and more often than not, the so-called solution to these injuries is a better pair of shoes. But people like Barefoot Ted, founder of Luna Sandals, believe our shoes are the problem, and that minimalist footwear is the cure for runners’ woes. Read More »

Origins: Cycling

In this week's origins, ATLX looks at the history of cycling, and how it started as just a means for royalty to get around their gardens. Read More »

Tracking the Tour’s Final Days

The Tour de France is in its final days. Don't miss a single second of the tour's finale with one of these three apps. Read More »

Origins: Lacrosse

In this week's Origins, we take a look at the history of Lacrosse, or "stickball" as it was originally known. Read More »

Sarah McWilliams

Digital Content Producer Read More »

John Moser

Executive VP of Programming & Production Read More »

Tips & Tools for the Everyday Athlete’s Winning Mentality

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jim Taylor, details the most common mental obstacles athletes face and the best ways to knock ‘em down. Read More »

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