Dr. Keith Pyne

Dr. Keith Pyne, managing partner of SportsLab NYC, currently specializes in working with specific injuries primarily within the world of professional sports. Dr. Pyne’s treatment concentrates in neuromuscular structural integration that resolves injuries and biomechanical discrepancies by addressing the problem in the body’s kinetic chain system.

He has created specific applications that result in accelerated recovery and permanent elimination of underlying problems linked to injury. Unlike traditional methodologies and other approaches that are symptom-focused and may provide temporary relief, Dr. Pyne’s methods correct the actual causal, often unrecognized, pain source. Dr. Pyne’s treatment protocols accelerate the return to play, which is paramount in avoiding neuro-compensation.

Dr. Keith Pyne is also on the Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board for Biosara Medical Products in regard to the development of new wound care management. Dr. Pyne is in the process of a new neurological model involving proprioception, neuroplasticity through the vestibular ocular reflex, for both performance and rehabilitation.

Accredited media includes: HBO Hard Knocks (Cincinnati Bengals), Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Behind the Scenes, Ring Magazine (Manny Pacquaio).


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