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The Infatuation With Spring Training

For many fans, Spring Training rivals the World Series as their favorite part of Major League Baseball. As the 2013 Spring Training season comes to a close, ATLX takes a look at the infatuation and love for MLB Spring Training. Read More »

ATLX 1 on 1: Patrick Muldoon

Before you got to know him on Days of Our Lives and Starship Troopers, actor Patrick Muldoon was running routes at USC. The always-fit actor sat down with ATLX to talk training, Krav Maga and keeping yourself motivated.
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When to Worry: Knee Noise

Many people experience some sort of 'knee noise' throughout their lifetime, but how do you know if it's something you should worry about and when it's just your body making noise? ATLX weighed in with expert Dr. Keith Pyne to find out. Read More »

Fitness Guru Joe Weider Dies at Age 93

The fitness world mourns the loss of health & fitness guru Joe Weider who died March 23, 2013 at the age of 93. Weider, originally entering the fitness arena as a way to defend himself against bullies, created a multi-million dollar empire through health & fitness ventures. Read More »

Why Hip Flexors Tighten and Why Hips Pop

Noticing a popping feeling and sound in your hips? Here's why it happens, where it comes from and how you can fix it. Read More »

The Most Common Injury: 90% Chance You Have It

Dr. Phil Wagner of SPARTA identifies the most common injury in athletes, one you've probably never heard of. Find out what it is, how it affects the body, how to treat it and how to prevent it. Read More »

The Madness: 5 reasons we’re hooked

March Madness is taking over, as it does every year. Why is it such an obsession? We've outlined our top 5 reasons here.
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Dropping the Baby Weight: How 4 Celebs Did It Differently

No matter their shape or size, all new mothers face the same post-pregnancy-problem: baby weight. Check out how four big time Hollywood stars solved it. Read More »

ATLX Biography: Never Say Die

ATLX profiles the incredible story of John Siciliano. Read More »

Run, Mud Runner, Run

Training for a Mud Run? Whether it's your first dash in the dirt or you're a seasoned vet, preparation is a must. ATLX Expert Brett Stewart wrote the book - literally - on training for Obstacle Races. The first step? RUN! Read More »

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