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Athletes speak from the heart to provide motivation and inspiration

Getting - and staying - motivated can be a challenge. Elite and everyday athletes share their methods for keeping the drive alive. Read More »

Objectifying Women in Sports

Some marketing firms continue the practice of promoting the sex appeal of a female athlete over her accomplishments on the field of play. While showcasing the beauty of a woman is fine to do, some ads take it too far. Read More »

Climb Your Way to Greater Strength

Indoor rock climbing gyms offer a safe alternative to the real thing, and it gives you a great workout. Read More »

Revolutionizing Sports in America: Jim Lorimer’s Story

How is it possible that one man could organize a competitive women’s track team during the Cold War, work as an FBI agent and build the Arnold Sports Festival - the largest multi-sport festival in the U.S. - before then expanding it globally? ATLX asked the man who has done it all, Jim Lorimer, to find out. Read More »

ATLX PSA: Gym Etiquette

A friendly refresher course on gym, track, pool and training etiquette. Read More »

Athletic Demands of a Racing Pit Crew

Rarely noticed unless they make a mistake, the finely tuned athletes of a racing pit crew are often the difference between winning and losing. Read More »

On the Cutting Edge: Sparta Science

ATLX contributor Dr. Phil Wagner, M.D., not only authors outstanding injury prevention and training blogs, but he's also the owner of SPARTA, a top of the line training facility for athletes. SPARTA is pioneering the field of training technology with seamless access for its athletes. Read More »

Marathon Participation Reaching Record Highs

According to, marathon and half-marathon participation is at an all-time high. So what’s all the hype about? Read More »

Cycling: Hit Faster Speeds for Greater Results

Distance training is great for health benefits, but mixing in sprint training can lead to better results and better fitness levels. Read More »

Dodgeball Unites Everyday Athletes

Dodgeball isn't just for PE or Hollywood anymore. The game is sweeping the nation and turning into a pretty competitive sport. Read More »

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