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Survival of the fittest: the incredible endurance of elite tennis players

In the wake of a record-setting final match at the 2012 Australian Open, and just days before the French Open in May, the New York Times tackled the incredible endurance of elite tennis players. Through intense training routines, discipline, recovery, and pure athleticism, the Times chronicled how these athletes address the answer to a relevant question: How will I respond in the 5th hour?
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13 fitness secrets of NFL players: combine-inspired tips for women

Ladies: get in on these 13 fitness secrets of NFL players straight from the source. From switching up your cardio routine to getting competitive to vitamin & nutritional supplements, former Saints tight end Billy Miller describes what you should do and how you should do it. These NFL combine-inspired tips for women were developed to expand your fitness potential.
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8 conditioning techniques of Olympic athletes

Eight Olympic athletes from across the board share their strength & conditioning secrets and strategies. Which Gold Medalist’s pre-competition routine might surprise you the most? Michael Phelps.
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