Denise Sanchez

VP of Events & Network Promotions

A life-long fitness athlete and an entrepreneur, Denise has been involved in professional sports as well as marketing and promoting fitness as a lifestyle for over 25 years. The success of her personal training business, Fitness One-On-One, Inc., quickly flourished into a full-time business that allowed Denise to step into her entrepreneurial pursuits and competitive bodybuilding career. In 1995 Denise became the NPC Light Weight National Champion, becoming the fastest turning amateur to professional female bodybuilder in Florida’s history. Her professional bodybuilding career includes winning the Women’s Night of Champions (2003), a second place finish at the prestigious Arnold Classic Ms. International (2003) and a second place finish at the Ms. Olympia (2004).

Denise is an advocate of women’s bodybuilding and is also a fitness instructor and athlete/model. As an entrepreneur, Denise worked to develop strong business relationships throughout the fitness and bodybuilding world and focused her company’s growth and development with a strong consumer-centric philosophy that utilizes the internet and new media to reach new target audiences. Denise’s business management, marketing, communications skills and experience in the fitness world continue to help shape her lifelong commitment to empowering and inspiring women to pursue their athletic as well as business ambitions.

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