Top 5 Indoor Workouts for Winter

By: Sarah McWilliams

With winter right around the corner, you have one of two options: You can either sit around, warm, inside on the couch and watch as the winter weight collects around your stomach, hips and thighs, or you can start one of these indoor winter workouts and be in top physical condition all winter long. Shake up your typical winter routine with one our top five indoor workouts.

1.      Spin Class647px-US_Navy_100120-N-7498L-025_enior_Chief_Navy_Counselor_Tony_Peraza_assigned_to_Navy_Recruiting_District_Los_Angeles_works_out_on_a_stationary_bike

Sure- it’s just a fancy name for riding a stationary bike, but it burns beaucoup calories, and fast. Find a spin class in your area but make sure it’s with an instructor you like who will push you through the entire workout. Amidst the beats of the music, you will be given directions to increase speed, resistance and intensity. Not only does spin classes burn major calories (up to 700 in a 60-minute class), it will also increase your VO2 max and tone your core, calves, quads and glutes all without stressing out your joints.

2.      Barre Workouts

There’s a reason everyone’s newsfeed is filled with Barre Studio check-ins and complaints about being sore. This trendy workout is back from the 70s with a vengeance mostly because it’s a killer workout for both women AND men. This ballet inspired fitness routine is a cross between strength training and yoga and, similar to Pilates, will strengthen and lengthen your muscles to the tune of 500 calories an hour.

Jim Bahn3.      Swimming Laps

Cross-training can help prevent injuries, and swimming is a low-impact sport that keeps your body active, especially when suffering from high-impact injuries. Not a good swimmer? There are also plenty of aqua-alternatives such as water aerobics, assuming you have access to an indoor pool. And the best part of making the pool part of your winter workout? By forcing yourself into a bathing suit instead of the baggy sweats or big sweatshirts you have to face your body instead of covering it up…more motivation for bikini season.

4.      Indoor Rock Climbing

Activating your arms, legs, back, core, and shoulders, rock climbing is a fun alternative to traditional training programs. By scaling those walls, you can burn up to 650 calories an hour and have fun doing 5A5C2529-e1380136041464it. Indoor rock climbing gyms are prevalent in most urban areas with friendly staff ready to help you get started. Even if you’re a novice, don’t fret, most indoor gyms provide training classes or lessons if you want to hone your skills. On Belay!

5.      Ice Skating

Besides being a really adorable first date idea, ice skating can burn enough calories to offset the hot chocolate you drink to warm up after. Ice skating burns up to 500 calories an hour while helping with balance and toning up your legs, core, and glutes as long as you’re skating consistently. It’s not just Central Park boasting an ice skating rink in winter. Most cities and towns have a rink set up and hockey rinks also open up their doors for ice skating when the players aren’t practicing.

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