Monthly Archives: February 2015

Gretchen Reynolds: Dispelling fitness myths in ‘The First 20 Minutes’

Gretchen Reynolds, Exercise Science Columnist and author of 'The First 20 Minutes' spoke with ATLX about her book, and the newest science that is dispelling fitness myths that surprised even her. Read More »

Nutritional Tips Leading Into Marathon

In the days leading up to a marathon, what you’re putting in your body can make all the difference. ATLX expert Dr. John Ivy is here to share some last-minute nutritional tips that will help you be at your best come race day. Read More »

5 Reasons We Love Endurance Runners

Ultra-runners do what most athletes either can’t do or won’t do. They spend hours every day training for competitions where very few people come to watch. It’s an introspective sport, for sure. Besides the fact that they run hundreds of miles, here are the top five reasons we love endurance runners. Read More »

What It Takes to Be an American Strongman

American Strongman competitors are some of toughest competitors out there. ATLX spoke with the founders to learn more about the competitions and the competitors. Read More »

Teenager Completes Marathon on Every Continent

Earlier this year, 15-year-old Kristen De Sousa raised money for Nepal’s underprivileged children by completing a marathon on each of the seven continents Read More »

The Arnold Sports Festival Takes Over

While many people wrongly assume it's just about bodybuilding, The Arnold Sports Festival held annually in Columbus, Ohio is set to highlight 50 sports in 2014 and has expanded to both Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. Read More »

Blind Athletes Can, and Do, See Sports all the Same

The United State Association for Blind Athletes continues to provide the blind and visually impaired with opportunities to get involved in sports, from school physical fitness programs all the way to the Paralympics. Read More »

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