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Improved Performance With More Sleep

September 24, 2013 - While you’ve probably heard that eight is the magic number, getting 10 hours of sleep per night can improve athletic performance and body composition by increasing natural HGH levels.

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Measuring Up: The Scale, BMI, & Body Fat

There are a number of tests that people use for their body composition. Some tests are superior to others, but none of them is the end all be all.

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Little City Winning Sports’ Biggest Game

Major sporting events can bring hundred of millions of dollars into a local economy, and through the leadership of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, Columbus, Ohio is winning the bid to host some of the country's most prized games.

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Impact of Bestselling Book Born to Run

Chris McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run, has not only changed the way we view running form a historical and cultural perspective; it has sparked a transformative shift in the running landscape and marketplace. Here are our top five reasons to give this book a read.

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Concussion Awareness Impacting Youth Levels

By now, we’re all learning about the risk athletes are at for concussions and the long-term effects they can have. This awareness is trickling down to the youth levels, where education and protocol are changing for the better.

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