Monthly Archives: June 2013

When to Worry: Shoulder Popping

Shoulder pops, clicks or snaps? Find out when you should worry and when it's just harmless noise. Read More »

Bolivian BMX All-Star: Jaime Quintanilla

Bolivia native, Jaime Quintanilla has conquered the Latin America BMX scene. Now the 16-year-old has ambitions on conquering the 2016 Summer Games. Read on to find out his training, roadblocks and goals! Read More »

Origins: The History of the Biathlon

We thought we'd cool you down during the hot summer months with this week's Origins. Take a look at the history of Biathlons: A sport consisting of the unlikely pair of cross country skiing and precision target shooting. Read More »

Train with Intensity by Limiting the Rest

Anyone else noticing that the gym is becoming more of a social hour than a workout facility? For the best results it's time to stop chatting and start lifting. Read More »

4 Summer Additions to the Adventurer’s Bucket List

The living's easy for some, but for the thrill-seeking athletes out there, summertime is stacked with action-packed awesomeness. Check these items off your to-do list this season, you daredevil, you. Read More »

Clearing the Hurdles: From Life to the Track

UCLA track star Turquoise Thompson has gone to battle with adversity, stared it right in the eye, and emerged victorious. Despite a lifelong genetic struggle, her Olympic dreams may soon become a reality. Read More »

How Do I Know if My Achilles Is Torn? KJOC Orthopedic Surgeon Weighs In

Achilles tears and ruptures are detrimental to active people. ATLX spoke with KJOC surgeon Dr. Kenneth Jung to learn more about achilles tear prevention, rehab and surgery. Read More »

Origins: Is it Soccer or Football?

Is it football or soccer? Why the discrepancy anyway? Who even created soccer...or is it football? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week's segment of Origins. Read More »

Adam and Austin Mills Strengthen Father/Son Bond Through Athletics

While some fathers have been known to drain all the fun out of sports for their kids, this father has used the sport to bring him and his son closer. See how Adam Mills does it right. Read More »

Rebuilding a Family Dynasty: Matt Bowen Sr.

Matt Bowen Sr. did not have much of a father figure growing up, but he made sure that his four children did. This Father's Day ATLX highlighted the family's solid foundation in sports. Read More »

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