In the Zone: Michelle Magnan

Vacation Workouts

In early September, I spent a long weekend at the incredible Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. My room in The Cove property was gorgeous, the view stunning, the beach perfect. There was something else that set the resort apart from all of the others I’ve stayed at, though: the fitness center.

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Group Running

Group running has never appealed to me. The reasons I love running – finding my own pace, getting “into the zone” and enjoying my music, to name a few – do not mesh with running with someone else, let alone a whole crew. Turns out I was wrong, though.

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Early Riser

My grandmother, Florence, taught me the joy of the early morning workout. As a child, when I was lucky enough to have a sleepover with my grandparents, she would ask ...

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Clean Fuel

I’ve always known that vegetables are superstars when it comes to nutrition – and have done my best to eat lots of them every day, even going so far as to have big green salads for breakfast with fried eggs on top – but I’d never considered adopting them as my primary fuel source...

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Fitness Resorts

Fitness resorts never held any sort of appeal for me. I’m active at home, work out as often as possible and eat as healthy as my lifestyle allows...

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Barry’s Bootcamp

“Everyone will be more fit than me..." That’s what I was thinking as I ran to Barry’s Bootcamp in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood for my first foray into the popular workout. (That, and, “I’m scared.”)

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