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Freaky fitness: Top Three Scary Runs

Halloween isn’t the only day you can experience the terror of creepy costumes. Thanks to shows like the Walking Dead, road race and mud run organizers are taking a page from AMC’s book and incorporating Monsters and Zombies into their races. Read More »

Origins of Mountain Biking

Military use played an early role in the development of modern day mountain biking, which has branched into several different disciplines ranging from competition to leisure. Read More »

New York Marathoners Running for Haiti

As the challenge of rebuilding Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake continues, the J/P Haiti Relief Organization is raising money, and morale, by sending five Haitian runners to compete the New York City Marathon. Read More »

Vacation Workouts

In early September, I spent a long weekend at the incredible Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. My room in The Cove property was gorgeous, the view stunning, the beach perfect. There was something else that set the resort apart from all of the others I’ve stayed at, though: the fitness center. Read More »

Origins of BMX: So Cal Scene to Olympic Stage

Bicycle motocross, commonly referred to as BMX, has risen from the first organized races at West LA’s Palm Park to the Olympic stage. Read More »

Archery: Survival Skill to Olympic Sport

Born of a survival and wartime skill that stretches back thousands of years, Archery’s practical history makes it one of the most unique Olympic sports. Read More »

The Origins of Boxing, the Sweet Science

From bare-knuckled brawlers to transcendent fighters like Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis, boxing has enjoyed a long and storied history that stretches as far back as eighth century BC. Read More »

The Origins of Hockey

From the first game ever played in 1875, to the advent of the legendary Stanley Cup, we take a look back at over 130 years of hockey history. Read More »

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