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Concussions Threatening BMX Racer’s Career

As the concussions-in-sports debate rages on, Donny Robinson, an Olympic BMX racer and former national champion, is facing the possible end of his career thanks to repeated head trauma. And he’s not sure what to do.

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Origins of BMX: So Cal Scene to Olympic Stage

Bicycle motocross, commonly referred to as BMX, has risen from the first organized races at West LA’s Palm Park to the Olympic stage.

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Bolivian BMX All-Star: Jaime Quintanilla

Bolivia native, Jaime Quintanilla has conquered the Latin America BMX scene. Now the 16-year-old has ambitions on conquering the 2016 Summer Games. Read on to find out his training, roadblocks and goals!

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The four words that inspire BMX racer Alise Post

Alise Post got on her first BMX bike at age six and since then has become one of the best BMX riders in the world. Find out more about her training, diet, and what gives her motivation and strength to compete.

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