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Origins: Cycling

In this week's origins, ATLX looks at the history of cycling, and how it started as just a means for royalty to get around their gardens. Read More »

Origins: Lacrosse

In this week's Origins, we take a look at the history of Lacrosse, or "stickball" as it was originally known. Read More »

Tips & Tools for the Everyday Athlete’s Winning Mentality

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jim Taylor, details the most common mental obstacles athletes face and the best ways to knock ‘em down. Read More »

Origins: History of Rugby

For this week's Origins, ATLX takes a look at the history of the tough and sometimes brutal sport of Rugby. Read More »

Origins: Water Polo’s Storied Past

The true origin of water polo is somewhat of a mystery, but the history of the sport surely qualifies its claim to toughness. Read More »

Bolivian BMX All-Star: Jaime Quintanilla

Bolivia native, Jaime Quintanilla has conquered the Latin America BMX scene. Now the 16-year-old has ambitions on conquering the 2016 Summer Games. Read on to find out his training, roadblocks and goals! Read More »

Origins: The History of the Biathlon

We thought we'd cool you down during the hot summer months with this week's Origins. Take a look at the history of Biathlons: A sport consisting of the unlikely pair of cross country skiing and precision target shooting. Read More »

The Special Olympics Touches the Heart Through Competitive Spirit

Sports creates a wide range of emotions; usually the thrills of victory or the agony of defeat. But at the Special Olympics, all of the 1,100+ athletes were stars, and they were all winners. Read More »

Keeping the Drive Alive: Tips and Tricks from an Everyday Athlete

ATLX pulsed one of the most dedicated and impassioned everyday athletes out there to uncover her secrets to staying motivated. Katie Huntley serves up her top five tips and tricks - and an awesome bonus booster. Read More »

Origins: The Tale of the Marathon

The marathon is the ultimate test of endurance for running athletes. The origin story has withstood the ultimate test - the test of time. And, steeped in historical legend, it has endured as well. Understandably so - it's a good one. Read More »

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